About Our Services
Senior Computing Services

We work with you in your home or online to: 

  • Set up new systems
  • Diagnose and solve problems
  • Install new software or hardware
  • Recover or rebuild crashed systems
  • Establish best practices (backup, security, etc.)
  • Make your system easier to view and use
  • Set up or fix home networks
  • Organize your files
  • Organize cables
  • Integrate cameras,TVs, smartphones with computers/networks
  • Get you started on email, instant messaging, or Skype
  • Remove interior heat-trapping dust
  • Provide advice on computer-related purchases
  • Train you on topics including general computer use, Office applications, web browsing, email setup and use, anti-virus systems, backup systems, networking and many others
A few things we don't do:

  • We don't charge you for problems that we are unable to solve, even when we make a visit to your home
  • We don't add any markup to hardware or software which you may authorize us to purchase for you
  • We don't do detailed low-level hardware repairs -- only major component replacement